Timber Supply

While Canada is known for our beautiful softwoods, Costa Rica has so much untapped potential for beautiful hardwood timber. Our company works to eliminate the "middle-man" by taking out the need for brokers and third-party providers through harvesting and delivering world-class timber from the forests of Costa Rica, right to your door. We work with the locals to help us provide top quality timber, making sure that we are providing and helping to boost the economy and well-being of the people we work with and employ. We value the indigenous Costa Ricans knowledge passed down through their traditions and culture while creating collaborative relationships based on mutual respect and a love for woodcraft. 

Whether you are ordering these beautiful wood boards for personal projects or as a company, you can count on the best because we pride ourselves on providing timber that we would happily use in our own timber projects and structures. You don't get what is "left-over", our clients only get the best and we standby that promise. Our timber is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and expertly prepared and packaged so that your product is ready to be used in any number of projects. 

Property of Winkel Timber Framing and Construction 2020

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