Wood Work

Timber Framing

Timber Framing and Structures have been built for thousands of years because of the strength and longevity of these builds. The modern timber framing techniques we use today originate from 19th century Germany, where we use much larger cuts and better quality timber rather than pre-cut lumber you'd find at a local hardware store. There are any number of projects that can be accomplished using timber framing, everything from traditional cottages, loghomes and house builds to smaller projects such as pavilions, pergolas, gazebos and accents for front entrances and signs.

Creating hand-crafted, custom structures and homes for our local communities and all across Ontario is a passion for Winkel Timber Framing & Construction.

We honor the heritage and beauty of the timber we build with and prioritize using repurposed or reused wood so that our timber structures are just as beautiful as they are ethically sourced. 

Whether you consider your project small or large, we have the expertise, equipment and passion to make your timber dreams come true. Winkel Timber Framing & Construction, work with our clients to make their homes and properties beautiful and welcoming for many years to come.

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